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The Ontario Biodiversity Council has produced three reports on the State of Ontario’s Biodiversity since 2008 as well as a Progress Report on Implementation of Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy in 2010.

Cover page of SOBR Summary Report - photos: left, family walking on Lake Superior beach; centre, White Trilliums,; right, Elderberry Borer beetle

State of Ontario's Biodiversity 2015

This report is a summary of Indicators that assess progress in achieving the 15 targets in Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy 2011 and assess the State of Ontario’s Biodiversity in terms of pressures on Biodiversity, the state of ecosystems and species as well as conservation response.  It provides a high level overview of the content of this reporting web site as of May 2015.

PDF versions of individual indicators on this site are available for download at the bottom of each indicator page. All 45 indicators can also be downloaded in a single, bookmarked PDF here.

Cover of State of Ontario's Biodiversity 2020 - Technical Report.

State of Ontario's Biodiversity 2010

The first full assessment of the State of Ontario’s Biodiversity was released in May 2010.  The report assesses the status and trends of 29 indicators related to pressures on biodiversity, the state of ecosystems and species and conservation efforts and sustainable use.  There are SOBR 2010 technical, highlights and summary versions available for this report.

Cover of Interim Report on Ontario's Biodiversity 2008

Interim Report on Ontario's Biodiversity 2008

This interim report set the stage for the 2010 State of Ontario’s Biodiversity Report by describing the path forward and providing background context to highlight issues, challenges and opportunities for the conservation of Ontario’s biodiversity.

Cover of Ontario's Biodiversity Strategy: Progress Report 2005-2010.

Ontario's Biodiversity Strategy Progress Report 2005-2010

This document reports on Ontario’s achievements in implementing Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy over the 2005-2010 period. It includes descriptions of some important projects and programs related to each of the Strategy’s seven strategic directions as well as a list of activities and programs for each of the Strategy’s 37 actions.