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Index of Indicators

Biodiversity indicators are measures that summarize the data from monitoring programs and other sources to convey information related to biodiversity.

 Ontario’s Ecological Footprint and Biocapacity

 Percentage of Land Cover Types in Ontario

 Road Length in Ontario

 Terrestrial Landscape Fragmentation

 Stream Fragmentation

 Aquatic Stress Index

 Aquatic Alien Species in the Great Lakes

 Alien Species in Inland Lakes

 Alien Species in Terrestrial Systems

 Release of Pollutants Harmful to Biodiversity

 Ground-Level Ozone

 Water Quality in Inland Lakes

 Water Quality in Streams

 Changes in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

 Afforestation and Deforestation

 Changes in Ice Cover on the Great Lakes

 Changes In Vegetative Phenology

 Body Condition and Survival of Polar Bears

 Forest Cover and Disturbance

 Extent of Wetland Cover and Wetland Loss

 Extent, Quality and Protection of Ontario’s Rare Ecosystems

 Status of Great Lakes Ecosystems

 Alterations to Stream Flow

 Changes in Status of Species at Risk

 Trends in Species of Conservation Concern Based on General Status Assessment

 Amount of Genetic Variation, Genetic Composition and Spatial Structure of Selected Species

 Protected Areas and Conservation Lands

 Ecological Representation in Ontario’s Protected Area System

 Observed Change in Land Area With Stewardship Activities

 Volunteer Efforts to Conserve Biodiversity

 Participation in Provincial Tax Incentive Programs

 Number of Municipalities With Natural Heritage Systems Plans/Biodiversity Strategies

 Biodiversity Policies and Programs

 Ecosystem Services Policies and Programs

 Implementation Plans in Support of Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy

 Invasive Species Strategic Plans

 Biodiversity in Ontario’s Business Sectors

 Participation in Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Program

 Forest Certification

 Walleye Harvest in Inland Lakes

 Provincial Expenditure on Biodiversity and Charitable Giving to the Environment

 Biodiversity in Ontario’s Elementary and Secondary School Curricula

 Biodiversity in Ontario’s Postsecondary Curricula

 Awareness of Biodiversity and its Importance to Human Health

 Monitoring and Reporting on Ontario’s Biodiversity